The power of the pen and freedom of speech

My dear Readers,

I was approached recently by people connected to the blogs I have recently published. Most notably my experience with my abusive ex partner and my recovery from my abortion. These were experiences, that were unfathomably difficult to go through, and extremely painful to recount. It took all my strength to share them with a wider audience. I felt compelled to share my experience because it has reached those who may not have had a voice. Countless people have reached out, and told me that my words have spoken to them in ways they could never have imagined, and that gives me the courage to keep sharing, keep writing and keep speaking about what I have experienced. All of my writing comes from a place of profound respect for what I have to share, because above all else I am talking about my life. I have not mentioned and will never mention the names of the people involved.

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That being said;

As a writer and an artist any attempt at censoring and silencing of my words will not be tolerated in any way.

I realize I have taken a risk to write about my life, to open up about deeply personal moments to the public. I don’t mention anyone by name and I don’t reveal identities. Some may find what I write uncomfortable, or offensive and that is unfortunate for them. This is a country with free speech written in the fundamentals of its constitution. I speak my truth,  I share my experiences with honesty and integrity and will not accept threats of any kind from persons related or unrelated to the articles I share. We are all free to read or not read what may interest us. That which does not interest us we have the freedom to avoid. That is the beauty of freedom of speech and expression.

Dear readers and followers, If you don’t like what you read here feel free to not read it. I realize not all of what I write is easy to accept. I also realize I can’t please everyone with my writing. That is all a matter of taste. My life has recently, repeatedly, and disrespectfully been exposed, talked about and ridiculed countless times in ways that can not be taken back. Things have been said publicly about me, and recorded in detail, without regard to my feelings, or how this would impact me, and those I love and care about. We all risk public and personal exposure. That is the price we pay. For those who would like to read my blog and have something of value to share, I welcome your feedback and comments. Those you feel the need to justify or defend by threatening me into silence are greatly mistaken.

The power of the pen is stronger than any threat.

I make that renewed commitment to my loyal followers and to those who have supported my writing over the years. I shall not be silenced.

I welcome everyone who wishes to read my blog posts, subscribe, follow and share with friends and loved ones.

Thank you.

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Eleana Kouneli

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2 thoughts on “The power of the pen and freedom of speech”

  1. The manefesto could not be more perfect. please yourself. Take care of yourself. And spend time with people who share those traits! Way easier said than done. Even writing about it is hard. Love your courage and your honesty. But those are not loved by those who do not share them.


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