Let the light shine


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


I’m a multi faceted diamond that’s been treated like a two dollar chocolate prize.

It takes time to see the value,

when you’ve been treated like… dirt all your life.

It takes time to see the light from a room painted black, by your own hand even.

It’s hard to stay ahead when all you did was stay still and let people pass you by.

I don’t know why… I just believed the lies.

And gave in to my disguise.

I believed I was ugly cause they told me.

I believed I was dumb and let it mold me.

I believed I was tame when I’m a wild beast not wanting ever to be tamed.

And maimed

By those words of cruelty and hate… maybe you can’t relate, but maybe you can understand me.

To thine own self be true they say.

So give me time to find the sublime light within me.

I’ll shine just give me time.