Day 4 — Passports

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What’s in a Passport?

What is a passport but a doorway for freedom, and a way to go wherever you can and want to go. It’s an opportunity and a way to see the world. It’s a chance to broaden your horizons.

I’ve been blessed to be born in one country but given two passports, two nationalities, two identities, two ways of life, often conflicting and opposing each other. I am a Greek with an American mind. An American with a Greek soul. I was always asked which one I preferred the most ever since I was a little girl.

I have a sense of belonging, identity and a way to see the world that very few have. It’s also difficult to defend both in my heart and mind. Passports have given me the opportunity, the gift and the privilege to see the world, to travel and to be influenced by many different cultures. I have lived in many places and continue to want to explore more of the world. I belong to no country and I hold all identities as my own. I’ve adapted to different cultures and had the immense luck to call many places my home.

Home is where the heart is they say; and I’ve had many homes in my heart, but as Odysseus completed his journey to Ithaca, no matter how long he was away and how many lands he saw; his home was where his longing was fulfilled. He spent years apart from his homeland only eager with renewed passion to return.

My home is everywhere and no where. And one day I will return to the home in my heart.

What does a passport mean to you?