New York Skies- My love affair revealed.


Central Park

I’ve not written about my love affair with the New York skyline in quite some time. I don’t mean the buildings and the familiar land marks; there are plenty of blog posts and travel magazines dedicated to the iconic and grandiose of New York City architecture. My skyline musings come like a drop of the hat inspirations. I love being surprised by the change in colors, hues and textures. Each day starts with one sky and will develop into something entirely different. Just like the city itself, its skies are moody, explosive, theatrical and mesmerizing. I’ve always had my camera ready for whatever new development arises.

Often I’m quick to snap a picture, even when on the road, in a car, on the train as I’m walking to and from work. I look up like a tourist and take moment to absorb the textures of each day.

View of Manhattan from Queens 

Dawn Breaking at the William Vale Hotel in Wiliamsburg
View from Midtown Manhattan

Sometimes we forget that in these big cities, we co exist with nature in all its forms. I’ve come across birds of prey in Central Park and gorgeous sea gulls near Battery Park; Rabbits in Prospect Park and beautiful flowers in the middle of a cement landscape. A fox sighting or two here and there, reminds us that were not the big city slickers we’ve convinced ourselves to be, but merely stewards of this great animal kingdom that tolerates our existence, even though we’ve done a really good job of alienating  and marginalizing it.

Seagull in South Street Seaport

This time lapse video I took from the apartment of a client. The day changes into night with such grace that I had to capture the last dregs of summer sun transform into a sweet early autumn evening.

A rainbow in Brooklyn
Prospect Park- late september

The New York skyline reminds me that nature has a way of showing up in beautiful and profound ways, comforting me and reaffirming that even though it’s a cement and iron metropolis; looking up at the sky connects us all with my need to be near the sea, near the mountains and with nature whenever we get the chance.

Prospect Park
West side pier 40.

A glimpse of dawn breaking at 5 am off the Brooklyn Queens Expressway
Brooklyn 7pm- A summer evening unfolding.