New York Winter


I am sitting at my warm living room, on a frigid Saturday night, and any attempt to go outside is met with utter horror.  I am wondering  how I can begin this new chapter of my blogging life. Honestly it’s been a rough winter. I have not had much inspiration to write about my daily life and experiences lately, since there has been so much disillusionment and shock after the global political scene. It seems that everything has taken a turn for the worst and has brought with it some stressful nights and anxious mornings. Despite the general unease, most of the time I am very grateful for the life I have,  and my small triumphs and accomplishments, are a comfort, but I am recently gripped  with a sense of uncertainty and insecurity. I am sure some of you have felt this way as well.

I have had many sleepless nights wondering am I really at the right place? Am I really doing the right thing, am I on the right path? Does all this stuff even matter? Whenever I’m overcome by all these questions, I take stock of my blessings, and  some of the things that I am comforted by and grateful for come to mind. Believe me I’m not a positive affirmations kind of person, yet without taking my woes too seriously, I realize that there are plenty of small things that make life worth living and savoring.

I’ve mentioned it before and I will mention it again, New York is a tough place to live, its constantly in your face, its lonely, abrasive and at times overwhelming, but there are plenty of things that make me believe fully in the positive side of things, my basket of Silver linings.

So here is my list of Silver linings:

I love making good food with last minute inspiration and simple ingredients.


I love listening to good music especially music that I have never heard of before.

I love the sound of the wind outside my very warm and cozy apartment.

I love the sun that comes through the windows especially after 4pm as the sun starts to set

I love planting new flowers and herbs in the start of spring.


I love dancing at 6am in the morning with my fellow mischief makers at Daybreaker

I love writing poetry and prose

I love mid- morning talks with my friends in Greece, Belgium, France and all over the world.

I love late morning tea on my balcony overlooking my quiet multi ethnic Brooklyn neighborhood

I love it when guests come to visit! It makes this city new and exciting again.

I love the sunrise after a morning yoga practice.


I love meeting old friends randomly in the city which is as rare as a new nightclub with no lines!

Lastly my favorite of small bright spots in a cloudy sky,is…

the knowledge that I have dear friends who give me tough love and encouragement even when it hurts to hear it.

All in all the positive outweighs the worry the insecurity the nights when you don’t know what will happen next, because as a dear friend said, what makes us human is the innate need and desire to connect to each other like stars in the sky. We empower each other to illuminate and gain strength. And no matter how far down the rabbit hole things might go, we have each other and these small moments of light to give us strength. We often act like timid cats curling up in our own stories, when we are that much stronger roaring like lions and showing up for each other.











My dear loyal readers!

Welcome to my new and improved page!

I have been blogging for 4 years (almost) through yogirabbit in the big apple on blogger, and now I’m changing my writing home to a much more friendly platform. I invite you all who have enjoyed my writing so far to join me here for the next chapter or writing and sharing.

It has been a whirlwind hear so far and I have a lot to share with you but I have been a little preoccupied with finding work, possibly changing careers, looking for other avenues of creativity and  doing more of what I love which is yoga, writing, massage therapy and travel 🙂

In all this upset, my writing was slightly neglected, but I will be back with fresh material, new posts and maybe some unconventional material from my every day life here in New York as a yogi, aspiring writer, blogger, photographer, and all around curious soul.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and leaning your stories as well.


All my best and happy (almost) spring.