I am mesmerized….
The moment when our eyes meet mine..
that sublime snippet of time in me.
I’ts unattainable in a lab setting
You can’t repeat this shit
It’s one of a kind.
A rare find.
that sublime snippet of time.
with me…
Keep in mind I’m not an expert in explosions
I just walked passed my life
avoiding mines.
Each time I gaze upon your face, your embrace your lips locking on mine,
It stops time.
Good and Bad intertwined.
Your voice resonates on my skin like aftershocks after an earthquake
It’s a lot to take
I don’t even know you and you make me feel like a queen.
I’m not good with roles.
This delicious assent to power from a delicate flower.
From a “nice girl” into a dirty mind one of a kind..
I’ll do anything for…you
You will adore me kind of girl
Let it all unfurl develop, envelop, uncurl girl … from this protective bubble of  life.
Where it’s all safe and put together
Let it fall apart and rebuilt once more…
In this brief snippet of time.
We are mesmerized.

Photo by Robert Valenzuela

Recipe for Disaster-

Mural by SimpleG @simpleg1 – Athens, Greece

How does it taste?

My desire for you….

Is my flavor too much for your stomach to take?

I cooked it slowly with the age old recipe.

Spent all night blending the spices just right.

I put slices of passion in between each promise and lustful embrace.

I let the juices bubble and hiss.

  *     *     *

Is it too salty?

Did you leave in haste due to heartburn?

Too many cooks spoil the broth I guess.

I must confess this was a recipe for disaster.

I’m a master in the kitchen and a servant of my heart.

I’ll have to start over with this prep, follow each step to the letter

I should have known better

You can’t serve creme brulee in a plastic cup.

Dry Martini with the Dirty on the Side


I love the Enigma of you…

The lusciousness you make me feel inside is oh so new

I see your gaze tracing my lines but you’re so fine it’s against the law

How did I find you? Did I design you to my measurements?

You’re a perfect fit

Holy Shit…. this is for real

All other deals are broken

This is yet unspoken, but I think I’m falling for you.

It’s my truth I know it’s scary

but on the contrary for me it’s divine to think that you could be mine…

Tonight and every night till the end of time.


I didn’t see this coming this humming in my heart like a moan after climax

I’m trembling at your touch… is this too much?

Too much or not enough of this desire to inspire and please you

as I know you do too.

I’m you and you’re me…

This is uncanny

This litany of pleasure and pain all together again.

My tongue intertwined with yours our bodies pulsating and making waves across the


My god you’re good.

I never saw this coming

You are the prize my surprise my gift and the demise of all others before you.

I adore you.


This is a doozy.

One of those rock and a hard place kind of moments

And every time I get to kiss you I miss you more.

Cause I’m thinking about the times that you weren’t there,

when I was kissing someone that wasn’t you.


I know this is a big one

You are The one…

I’ve been looking for


Live Performance of this poem On May 11th 2018– Image Gallery, NYC Brooklyn

I’m no Angel

Are you a wordsmith?
Or a locksmith to my heart?
Are you the architect of my dreams?
Do I open the door to my inner sanctum and let you enter with just a kiss on the cheek?
I am weak… My knees buckle as I chuckle at your crooked smile.
I didn’t see this coming by a mile… damn you winded me without warming.
And now I’m yearning for your touch… your voice.
You leave me no choice.
That thunder in your chest that smoothness in your S it curves around my body like a
Can you relate?
You are attracting and distracting me.
I cannot focus on your gaze too long you mesmerize me and I melt ever so sweetly
between your lips.
You say my name and I shudder. You hold my name in your mouth and fold your tongue
over me like a caramel and I..
swell with orgasmic flow.
I can’t let go of your story, your past glory , your heavenly body, your mind.
You’re one of a kind, a diamond in the rough, so tough and yet so…not…what I thought.
I wanna hold your heart in my hands and feel it beating.
Is this all fleeting?
This ain’t right… I’m no angel…. I let you in to my world.
I’m still a girl who finds a boy attractive despite his status.
Damn you’re fine.
How does god decide?
You’re a fine specimen..and she knew it.
Damn I blew it… I said too much
I know this is badness and goodness together intertwined.
Like your hands around my thighs, as you enter my mind.
Damn you’re fine.
I gotta chill for a minute and wrap my mind around that line….
along your chest, and how it feels around my finger tips.
And my lips locking in your flavor and every morsel of your smile.
Damn you’re fine…..
I need a glass of wine to unwind
cause I’m, getting all twisted in this rhyme.
You are divine.
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I wanted to light you on fire, ignite your desire for life.

Cause what’s the use of living if you’re only surviving and not thriving.

I try for you cause you are a blaze waiting to happen.

Its not a wild guess I confess I see it in your eyes, you need to be lit… up.

So I step up.

I create emotions and minor explosions in your mind.

You say you don’t feel a thing but you haven’t put your hand in the fire for a long time.

Give it a try see where it leads you.

Play with the spark, don’t rest in the embers of your previous passions

Let it happen.

Here, Now.

Enter the cypher don’t be afraid of the flame, you can’t make a mistake even if you try and fail, try again and again.



Make You Over Part 2

I’m not doing this for you.

Look at me.

I don’t want to prop you up and wake you up to your divine self.

You don’t need admiration or attention.

You don’t need to know “you’re handsome” all the time.

You know you’re fine. And sublime.

I love your imperfections and inflections and the way you carry your chest.

Let me confess…

The body is a vehicle for your soul so if you like soulless hoes then you gotta go far…. away from me cause I see what beauty lies beneath your crooked teeth and perfect ass.

Step aside don’t ride with me unless you’re the ride or die guy for me.

I don’t think you’re man cause you fucked 3 in one night. That’s not your might or your delight.

I love your mind. You make my brain tingle, and then I realize the prize of life is in your eyes.

I dive inside your mind and find myself naked to those emotions I guard in my heart shaped metal box.

I Let go of the hate and anger that I so staunchly support to thwart any really deep feelings form growing in my heart.

I fall apart. cause it’s too real for me. What a shame I don’t do myself one better.

And let you come in to my life…become my man my mentor my muse.

Yet I self abuse. I’m such a coward with my life.

I get run over again and again and for what, so I can suck another dick? And then?

It doesn’t seduce me , include me or soothe me…

I let others take over and walk all over me.

You’re over me.

Yeah Right.

No one else fits like me and you know it….

Good night.