Poem: A momentary lapse of rhythm

In Out..

breathe in
breathe out
be thankful
be sweet
be concrete
dance to another beat
don’t let people
step on your feet.
Don’t give in yet.
I confess I’m lost in my emotions
I have notions about you and me
Nothing concrete just a feeling
maybe it’s just me
do you see?
This thing I’m in,
this swinging in my hips
my lips part
I start.
Step to the rhythm
then I get lost
in you
I stopped my pen and thought
not again...
but then I felt your breath
on my neck
a pleasure


Published by

Eleana Kouneli

A former dancer, current yoga teacher, writer, curious traveler and wild soul. My fuel and desire is to learn from others and spread healing and joy as I go. Follow my adventures and see where they lead you! All the stories are true, all the poems are real and all the writing is mine. Enjoy

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